Features for Churches

Any Device, Any Time, Any Where

Get access to the information your leaders need instantly with My Book It. Leaders can be granted read only access to peoples information which includes a picture and custom information for each person. Have the information you need at your finger tips when it is needed.


Safe and Secure

There are no expensive server setups or complicated software installs with My Book It. When you sign up you get your very own dedicated site that uses the latest in technology and security to ensure your data is safe and sound. You data is kept safely in the cloud for maximum protection and minimum hassle.

Public Access

Easily communicate information to members and attendees by updating the public notes fields within your site. With integrated calendar support on Apple and Android devices, your community will always know about upcoming events quickly and easily.

Strong Permissions

Powerful, yet flexible permissions allows the Church leadership to delegate responsibilities to other leaders. Easily allow a Ministry team leader the ability to have complete control over their own timetable and bookings while allowing leaders the ability to view and or update only specific information as their role requires.